SESSION 05 – ZOOM Talk w. iheartblob


iheartblob is an award winning architectural design studio and research collective formed by Aleksandra Belitskaja, Ben James and Shaun McCallum, currently based in the UK.

The studio has a strong focus on the Architectural Object, yet, draws on core tenets from an array of philosophical and theoretical principles whilst exploring new models of architectural thinking and constructing. The work is meant to both enchant and reflect on the crisis of thought which runs through architecture today by investigating new and established ideas as though they were materials, engaging seriously with hard hitting agendas, whilst remaining at a distance from full immersion.

Watch the interview:

Bence Pap
Bence Pap is an architect, educator and technology enthusiast. He studied architecture in Vienna and received his Diploma from the University of Applied Arts – Studio Greg Lynn. Bence’s interests lie in the intersection of architecture and technology, expressed in speculative projects with novel mediums. He is the founder of the architectural office ATELIERPAP and in 2019 co-founder of ARTEFACT- Mixed Reality Studio, a practice focusing on the design and implementation of mixed reality solutions.