NFT & ARCHITECTURE I Towards a New Architecture


Bence Pap gives you monthly insights on major questions regarding metaverse architecture in his column. Find essays, interviews and thoughts on the following questions:

A parallel universe?

Enter the void and read all about wild speculations and notions of recent and upcoming relevant thoughts on architectures new relationship to hybrid worlds.

Why the hype?

What are the opportunities for design professionals within these new worlds?

What are the challenges in these new mode of productions?

How does this influence the design process and spatiality on a conceptual level?

How do we understand the shifting role of authorship?

*Essay by Bence Pap

Bence Pap
Bence Pap is an architect, educator and technology enthusiast. He studied architecture in Vienna and received his Diploma from the University of Applied Arts – Studio Greg Lynn. Bence’s interests lie in the intersection of architecture and technology, expressed in speculative projects with novel mediums. He is the founder of the architectural office ATELIERPAP and in 2019 co-founder of ARTEFACT- Mixed Reality Studio, a practice focusing on the design and implementation of mixed reality solutions.